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Council for Affordable Health Insurance



Merrill Matthews Jr., Ph.D.

Merrill Matthews Jr., Ph.D., is director of the Council for Affordable Health Insurance, a Washington D.C.-based research and advocacy organization promoting free market health insurance reforms, and a visiting scholar with the Dallas-based Institute for Policy Innovation. He is a public policy analyst specializing in health care, Social Security, welfare and Internet issues, and is the author of numerous studies in health policy, as well as other public policy issues. He is past president of the Health Economics Roundtable for the National Association for Business Economics, the largest trade association of business economists, and health policy advisor to the American Legislative Exchange Council, a bipartisan association of state legislators.

Since 1992, Dr. Matthews has served as the medical ethicist for the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center’s Institutional Review Board for Human Experimentation, and has contributed chapters to two recently published books: Physician Assisted Suicide: Expanding the Debate (Routledge, 1998) and The 21st Century Health Care Leader (Josey-Bass, 1998).

He is a "Brain Trust" columnist for Investor’s Business Daily and has been published in numerous journals and newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, USA Today and The Washington Times. He is an award-winning political analyst for USA Radio Network and an occasional commentator for National Public Radio.

Dr. Matthews received his Ph.D. in Philosophy and Humanities from the University of Texas at Dallas


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