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CBD Dosage Explained: How Much Should You Take?

We’ve talked many times about the various health benefits of CBD. Practically everyone is fully aware of them. But what about CBD dosage? Having a natural remedy with no side-effect in our hands is great, but how do we take it? 

How much CBD is enough? What’s more, is there such a thing as too much CBD?

Many newcomers to the world of CBD often have no idea how much CBD they need to take. So, they often take too little (or too much) and proclaim that CBD simply doesn’t work for them.

While it may be possible that CBD isn’t the right remedy for everyone, it will never be a good fit if we don’t dose it right. So, we need to do some math if we want to enjoy CBD’s full effect.

Things You Absolutely Need to Know About CBD Dosage

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of CBD dosage, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Every person is different.

That means that even if our friends have the same conditions we do, we still have to find the right dosage for us. We can’t just take their recommendation at face value.

  • We need to consider a few factors.

It’s not just our conditions that will determine how much CBD we need. We also need to keep in mind our potential tolerance as well as general health. CBD dosage isn’t the same for long-time users and those who’ve never taken it. 

  • CBD isn’t a miracle drug.

There’s no such thing as a cure-all remedy. CBD does have plenty of health benefits, but we can’t expect it to magically erase all of our problems (no matter the dosage).

How to Find the Right CBD Dosage

If we’re talking in general terms, then the most common dose of CBD is somewhere between 20 and 40 mg. However, as mentioned, the exact amount we take (or at least that we start with) depends on many factors.

To find the right amount of CBD we need to take, we have to take into account our:

  • weight
  • condition
  • body chemistry
  • tolerance
  • CBD concentration

Those of us who are more trial-and-error types can start with a super small dose (1 or 2 mg) and monitor its effect. We can up the amount by two or even five mg every time we see little or no effects until we find that sweet spot we’re looking for. 

If this is your preferred method, make sure to keep track of both the dose you’re taking and the effects it had on you each day. 

Weight and CBD Concentration

Generally speaking, these two factors are the most important ones. You’ll easily determine the latter, as the bottle will indicate the CBD concentration. And, presumably, you already know your weight.

When it comes to the relationship between weight and CBD potency, there’s an approximate CBD dosage that you can take depending on what you’re aiming for. 

For example, if you only need a little bit of help with your condition and are aiming for low strength, you’ll need to take 1 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds you weigh. So, a person weighing 150 pounds will likely take around 15 mg of CBD per day.

Similarly, if you need something a bit stronger (medium or high strength), you’ll take 3 or 6 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of weight. So, that same 150-pound person will take 45 or 90 mg of CBD every day, depending on the strength they are aiming for.

Conditions and Diseases

We can’t exactly determine a precise CBD dosage based on the condition we have alone. However, we can ballpark it. 

Generally speaking, people with headaches, migraines, muscle aches, PMS symptoms, PCOS, and who are taking CBD for general health upkeep should stick to either low or medium strength.

Meanwhile, people with anxiety, depression, arthritis, chronic pain, insomnia, and high blood pressure should look into medium to the high strength CBD doses. 

Of course, keep in mind what we said initially — no two people and, thus, no two conditions, are really the same. The ideal CBD dosage depends on the severity of conditions, types of symptoms as well as frequency.

A Few Parting Words

Although it’s really quite difficult to take too much CBD, we should definitely be careful while using it. People with severe conditions who take prescription meds should inquire with their physicians about how CBD might interact with those meds. 

Determining the ideal CBD dosage isn’t that hard. What’s more, if the math fails you, you can always just listen to what your body is telling you and experiment with dosing yourself!

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