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CBD Oil for Candida – Banish the Fungi

CBD oil has quite a few applications, and people are quick to turn to it for whatever ails them. But, lately, all anyone can talk about is CBD oil for candida.

Although it can’t harm us, candida can cause a lot of discomfort and unease. It’s a persistent, annoying fungus that lives in our bodies. Usually, candida won’t give us any trouble unless it has a hospitable environment to thrive in (for example, a compromised immune system).

At any given point, we all have minimal amounts of candida in our mouths, digestive tract, gut microbiome, and vaginal tract. Most of the time, the fungus is dormant. However, when it overgrows, it can cause a lot of unpleasant symptoms. Depending on where it manifests, candida can cause:

  • skin rashes
  • hives
  • rosacea
  • constipation, gas, and bloating
  • chronic sinus infections
  • muscle tenderness and stiffness
  • chronic muscle pain
  • vaginal and urinary infections
  • fatigue

Aside from this, candida can also cause sugar cravings because this particular fungus feeds on sugar.

There’s a good reason why plenty of people are interested in CBD oil for candida treatment. As a persistent fungus, it makes our lives extra tricky, and on top of that, we can’t even eat sugar? No wonder we’re all out here, looking for some relief.

Known Causes

Fungal infections aren’t uncommon — we all get them now and again. However, some of us are more prone to bacterial and fungal infections or simply lead a life that leaves us more open to them.

Some of the factors that contribute to creating a thriving environment for the Candida albicans fungus are:

  • Taking broad-spectrum antibiotics — antibiotics decrease the amount of good bacteria in our vaginas, making the area hospitable to candida
  • Weak immune system or one that’s compromised by an autoimmune disorder (such as diabetes)
  • Oral contraceptives or a hormonal imbalance
  • Carb, alcohol, and sugar-rich diet
  • High-stress levels and an irregular sleeping schedule

Potential Treatments

Various antifungal medications will usually clear the problem in no time. There are pills as well as creams and ointments that are readily available to all of us battling this annoying fungus.

However, most of them have quite a few side-effects, such as additional rashes, stomach aches, burning sensations, etc. Most of these only last for a short while and aren’t that dangerous. However, in rare cases, antifungal meds can cause symptoms of liver damage.

Why Consider CBD Oil for Candida Treatment?

To avoid those pesky side-effects, many people are turning to CBD for help. CBD oil is a natural remedy that has little or no side-effects. Aside from some dryness of mouth and a bit of drowsiness, CBD oil can’t inconvenience us that much.

Can CBD Oil Help With Candida?

There are several reasons CBD can be a viable treatment for candida.

  • Some cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (CBD), cannabichromene (CBC), and cannabigerol (CBG), have mild antifungal properties.
  • CBD generally has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the redness, rashes, and swelling that usually go hand in hand with candida.
  • CBD reduces cytokines, the proteins that regulate inflammation, and by doing so, reduces not only the inflammation but also the overall weakness of the immune system.

Best CBD Oil for Candida

Now that we know that CBD can (at least in theory) help with candida let’s see which ones are the best picks. Not all CBD oils are made equal, which is why the choices we make might make a difference between an itchy crotch and the sweet relief of a fungus-free body.

1. Royal CBD

One of the biggest companies in the business, Royal CBD produces quality CBD oil from fully organic, locally grown hemp. They have an excellent selection of not only potencies but also products. We can go for the broad-spectrum topicals for our candida-induced skin rashes. Alternatively, we can take full-spectrum oil drops for other candida symptoms. Of course, there are always the THC-free gummy bears that will chase the fungus away and make snack time even more fun.

2. Gold Bee

Out of all CBD oils on our list, Gold Bee has the best value for money ratio. True to their name, they make honey-flavored CBD oil. That means it’s both helpful and delicious! Gold Bee makes their CBD products out of the whole hemp plant, and they specialize in making full-spectrum extracts. That means their oils have a lot of beneficial compounds other than cannabidiol.

3. Super Good Vibes

With a name like that, you know the product is good! Made from locally-grown hemp, Super Good Vibes’ broad-spectrum CBD is potent and flavorful. It contains untraceable THC amounts, which means that we can enjoy our relief without worrying about getting accidentally high.

4. Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs has some of the best CBD isolates on the market. Aside from that, it also makes broad-spectrum CBD oil. With fun flavors such as watermelon and orange creamsicle and potency that goes up to 4000 mg of CBD per bottle, Hemp Bombs’ CBD is a product worth our time and money.

5. CBDistillery

Some of the most affordable products on our list are the CBDistillery CBD oils. This company offers five potency options. Their most potent product has 166.6 mg of CBD in a bottle. However, the hemp this company uses isn’t organic, and they don’t offer any flavors.

A Few Parting Words

Although persistent and bothersome, candida won’t actually hurt us that much. However, when untreated, it can make our days a living hell. So, we need a solution. Considering that CBD is a natural solution that has plenty of health benefits aside from treating the causes and symptoms of candida, it’s a solid choice for anyone who’s battling this fungus.

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