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CBD Oil for Cats Aggression: How to Calm Them Down

Believe it or not, your beloved pet cat might be suffering from aggression. This is a common problem that many cats suffer from, and there are many reasons why this may happen. Cats can experience anxiety due to illness or pain. They can also show aggression because they are territorial or feel trapped in their environment. If you suspect that your cat suffers from any of these conditions, here’s what you need to know about CBD oil for cats!

What is Cats Aggression, and what are its causes?

First, cats can experience anxiety due to pain or illness. If your cat does not feel well, it might start growling suddenly out of fear or in an attempt to protect itself. Even if you were just petting it normally before, suddenly, the cat will become aggressive in response to feeling threatened by your touch. This behavior can also appear if your cat has health problems that give it chronic pain, such as arthritis or dental disease. In these cases, the aggression is usually aimed at family members because the animal feels trapped in its own body between illness and a human’s affectionate touch. Other causes for this type of aggression include changes in the environment of the cat, such as moving things around or adding new pets to the house.

Generally, there are two main types of aggression that cats suffer from:

  • Defensive Aggression– This type of feline aggression is common in most pet cats. A defensive attack can be triggered by a sudden movement, unfamiliar sound or smell, an owner’s touch when the cat is resting, bath time, or even feeding it!
  • Predatory Aggression– Cats are predators by nature. If you have small animals in your home like mice or birds, beware! Your cat might become aggressive if it sees them move around, and they start hunting for them instinctively. This behavior can cause lots of problems because all they think about is catching their prey at that moment and won’t stop until they do.

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How to treat Cats’ Aggression?

Treatment options for aggression in cats can be difficult because you have to find out the root cause of the problem first. This is why it’s best to consult your vet first, so they can rule out any physical problems that are causing pain or illness for your cat. If there isn’t any health issue that needs attention, then treatment might include pheromone therapy, behavior modification methods, or even prescription medication like anti-anxiety drugs!

However, medical treatment might not be necessary if you simply want to help calm down an aggressive cat and stop it from further injuring itself. If this is the case, CBD oil for cats might be a great option for you! Cats suffering from anxiety and stress tend to show more signs of aggressiveness compared to those who suffer from pain. Additionally, cats have a more sensitive sense of smell which is why CBD oil for cat odor tends to be more effective compared to other forms of treatment. But before you decide to give your feline friend this great product, here are the things you need to know about it!

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Can CBD Oil Help with Cats’ Aggression?

Yes! It is a known fact that CBD Oil has been used for years to treat anxiety in humans. In pet animals, it has been shown to reduce their anxiety and relax them enough so they can calm down. This way of treating feline aggression is also useful because cats are not fond of taking pills orally. CBD oil, however, can be easily administered to them in their favorite treats or even on top of their food!

As seen above, CBD Oil is very useful in treating feline aggression because it relaxes cats and also boosts their mood. This way, they become calmer, easier to tame down, and less aggressive overall. Of course, if your cat has any other specific health problems that you suspect are causing its aggression (like arthritis or dental disease), make sure you discuss treatment options with your vet first!

CBD Product List and their benefits

Treating your cat’s aggression with CBD products is a great idea because it has many other benefits that you might find useful too. Here are the most famous ones:

  1. CBD Oils– If you want to administer CBD oil in your cat’s food, these products are the way to go because they are flavored and will make sure your pet enjoys its meal. Plus, there won’t be any leftover residue on their fur after eating it.
  2. CBD Tincture– You can take this oil orally or rub it on your cat’s gums to treat its pain. It has other benefits like promoting overall wellness!
  3. CBD Edibles– Cats love treats, so why not give them a tasty one at the same time that their anxiety is being treated? CBD edibles offer all of these advantages and have been reported by many pet owners as being very effective at treating feline aggression.

How to administer CBD oil to cats with aggression

There are a few methods that pet owners use successfully to treat aggression in their cats with CBD products. Here are the main ones:

Drops– With these, you just need to drop a few drops of CBD oil inside your cat’s mouth, and it will automatically be swallowed as if it were eating any other meal. Some brands also come with flavored versions, so you can mix them with food or treats!

Pills– This is an option that works well for aggressive cats that simply won’t eat anything else than dry food. You can buy empty capsules and then fill them up with CBD Oil, but make sure it doesn’t get moist because this could damage the product and reduce its effectiveness.

CBD oil-based sprays– These work like edibles, so you just need to spray a bit of CBD Oil on food or treats, and your cat will start enjoying its daily meal again!

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What is the recommended CBD Oil dosage for Cat’s Aggression?

Here is the recommended dosage of CBD oil for cats suffering from anxiety or aggression:

  • Cats who are 10lbs-20 lbs, give 0.1 mL of CBD oil per every 5lbs of your cat’s weight (ex. 10lb = 1mL; 20lb = 2mL).
  • Cats who are 21bs-30 lbs, give 0.2 mL of CBD oil per every 5lbs of your cat’s weight (ex. 21lb = 2mL; 30lb = 3mL).
  • Cats who are 31bs-40 lbs, give 0.3 mL of CBD oil per every 5lbs of your cat’s weight (ex. 31b = 3mL; 40lb = 4mL).
  • Change the dosage size if you notice that your pet does not receive any visible results after 1 or 2 weeks or if it shows signs of overdosing on CBD oil.

If you suspect that your cat is suffering from anxiety and aggression because of pain, you can give 1-2 drops of CBD oil directly to its gums every 12 hours.

In closing,

We hope you’ve found this article useful. Have any of these CBD products helped your cat? Let us know in the comments below! If you’re still struggling with aggression, then it’s time to give CBD Oil a try. This amazing product has been proven to help cats with their anxiety and aggression problems – so don’t wait another day before giving them access to the benefits of CBD Oil!

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