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How to Flavor Your CBD Oil and Make It Taste Better

Many people enjoy using CBD oil as it provides a lot of benefits. But there are times that the users do not like what they taste in it. This is why people are looking for ways how to add flavor to CBD oil.

If you are a CBD oil user, then you might be interested in trying flavorings to make your experience more enjoyable. There are many ways to do this, but the most popular methods involve either adding flavoring before or after the process of making the oil. If you want to know how to flavor your CBD oil, read on.

What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

CBD has an earthy and leafy taste. For some, they find the taste of pepper and smoke in it. Most of the time, users do not like the natural taste of CBD oil. This is exactly the reason why they look for ways how to flavor CBD oil. Luckily, there are already a lot of ways to make CBD oil more palatable.

Why Do You Need to Ingest CBD Oil Orally?

People vary with how they take their CBD oil. Some prefer to vape the oils, while others like taking them orally. For some users, taking CBD oil orally is paramount to receiving the medicinal benefits.

Through oral intake, CBD can enter your bloodstream and travel to its receptor sites. This is one of the reasons why taking CBD oil orally provides you with a lot of health benefits.

Some people try to avoid oral intake of CBD oil because of the taste. This is why knowing how to flavor CBD oil is important for users.

Can You Make CBD Oil Taste Better?

The straight answer to this question is YES. You can make your CBD oil taste better. Many users are already doing this especially if they dislike the natural taste of the oil.

There are two main methods that you can use to flavor your CBD oil. The first method is to add the flavoring before making the extract while another way uses after-the-fact techniques. It is just important to choose ways how to flavor your CBD oil based on your abilities.

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Ways to Make CBD Oil Taste Better

There are so many ways to make your CBD oil become better-tasting. Here are some of the simplest ways you can follow:

1. Add Flavoring Before Making Your CBD Oil

You can add flavorings before you make an extract. It is a rather easy process that requires some planning and preparation. The first thing to do is pick out the flavors you would want in your oil, such as fruit extracts or mint oils. You can also choose from other options like spices and essential oils.

Once you have the flavorings in your hand, it is time to add them to a small amount of carrier oil. If you cannot decide on which type of carrier oil to use, then just go with coconut oil since it works well with most extracts and flavors. The recommended dosage for this method is at least one teaspoon per ounce of CBD oil.

However, avoid using too much flavoring since this can alter the effectiveness and potency of your CBD oil. If you want to add more flavorings after you have made your extract, then go ahead and make a small batch without any added substances in it. After one day or so has passed, check on the taste and strength of your CBD oil. If it is to your liking, then you can add the extracts and other flavorings of your choice.

2. Flavor Your Oil After Making It

The other way how to flavor your CBD oil is by adding the flavors afterward. You can do this by infusing it with juice or fruit extracts. For this method, you need to find flavored oils or juices that are made with organic ingredients for the best results.

If you want to add the flavorings to your CBD oil after it has been made, then follow these steps:

  • Make a small batch of pure CBD extract without any flavoring added.
  • Let the batch sit for an hour or so before checking on its taste and potency. • Once done, mix in your flavoring of choice to make it more enjoyable.

3. Put Your CBD Oil in Flavored Yogurt and Ice Cream

There is a great way to make your CBD oil even more enjoyable, and that is by putting it in flavored yogurt or ice cream. It sounds strange but once you taste how good the combination of these three ingredients are, then you will be hooked for life.

4. Put Honey Beneath Your Tongue

Honey has medicinal benefits, and it is also great for improving the taste of CBD oil. You can put your honey under your tongue or add a few drops to make an infused drink.

5. Take Some Mint Drops

Mint drops are known for their ability to improve the taste of CBD oil. It is a basic but effective way of adding flavor to your CBD oil that CBD users love because they can easily drop some mint into their mouths or drinks anytime they need to.

6. Brush Your Teeth After Taking Your CBD Oil

After taking your daily dose of CBD oil, you can use some toothpaste to brush your teeth. It is a great way how to flavor your CBD oil that works quickly and effectively since the minty taste from the toothpaste will overpower any other smells lingering in your mouth after taking the hemp extract.

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7. Chew Some Chewing Gum

Chew on some gum after taking your CBD oil. It is another simple and effective way how to flavor your CBD oil since the minty taste will overpower any other tastes in your mouth from the hemp extract, leaving you with a refreshingly clean breath that can last for hours.

8. Take Your Favorite Drink

You can also add CBD oil to your favorite drink, such as coffee or tea. This is another method on how to flavor your CBD oil that works fast and effectively because the taste of the hemp extract will be covered by other flavors in your beverage.


You do not have to settle with the natural taste of CBD oil if you dislike it. You can make your intake more fun by adding flavor to it. There are a lot more ways to add better taste to your CBD oil. You just need to know the ways how to flavor CBD oil. With this, it does not only offer good benefits but also good taste.

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