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State Legislators Have Health Insurance Questions; New Guide Has Solutions

ALEXANDRIA, VA– The much anticipated 2003 State Legislators’ Guide to Health Insurance Solutions, a joint release by the Council for Affordable Health Insurance (CAHI) and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), answers the trillion-dollar healthcare question: How can states keep health insurance accessible and premiums affordable while expanding choice and availability?

The State Legislators’ Guide takes “head-on” these tough issues, and many others, confronting the health insurance market and its consumers.

“America’s uninsured population is growing rapidly — to more than 41 million people,” said Jim Frogue, ALEC’s Task Force Director for Health and Human Services. “States are feeling the budget crunch as more and more people turn to state Medicaid and public health care systems. That means state legislators are looking for solutions — now.”

In the State Legislators’ Guide, each critical health insurance issue is summarized, actions already taken by states are highlighted, and possible solutions are offered. The Guide is designed to offer lawmakers a starting point for deliberations and legislative proposals.

“State legislators have the mandate of their constituents to tackle health insurance problems,” stated CAHI State Affairs Director Mary Spear. “People are looking for access to affordable health insurance. This Guide will help state legislators achieve that goal.”

CAHI is a research and advocacy association of insurance carriers active in the individual, small group, MSA, and senior markets. CAHI’s membership includes health insurance companies, small businesses, physicians, actuaries, and insurance brokers. (

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is the nation’s largest bipartisan, individual membership organization of state legislators, with over 2,400 members. (

Download the desk reference (PDF/1.1MB)