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Sour Banana Strain Review: Benefits, Effects, & Dosage

Sour Banana Strain Overview

Sour Banana is a potent Sativa-dominant hybrid that will take you on a trip. This strain has an earthy, sour aroma and taste with hints of citrus and pine. The effect can be described as cerebral and uplifting with an energetic buzz to it. Sour Banana is often used by those who suffer from depression or anxiety to find relief.

If you are looking for a strain that will satisfy your palate, then you should try the Sour Banana strain. It is one of the best tasting strains that you can try.

What Is the Sour Banana Strain?

Sour Banana strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid (80% Sativa, 20% Indica) strain that was created by crossbreeding the Sour Diesel and Banana Sherbet strains. This clone can offer its users a clear head high and an energetic and lively body sensation.

The scent of this strain will remind you of the flavors of bananas, citrus, pine trees, and lemonade. You can taste tropical fruits in it such as pineapple and mangoes whenever it is smoked or vaped. It can also be used in cooking. When this is applied, the flavor can be similar to something overly sugary or cloying.

This strain has effects that are ideal for daytime use but also provide relief from any symptoms of anxiety/depression while not making you feel too sedated. It is also a great strain for light physical activity and creative projects.


The Sour Banana has scents of tropical fruits, lemonade, and pine trees. This strain gives off a yummy and enticing sweet and sour aroma that prepares you for its taste. You may find its smell very strong and find a hint of fuel in it. If you want to smoke discreetly, this strain is not recommended to use. The aroma may be powerful, but this strain is popular among cannabis users.


Sour Banana tastes like sweet pineapples and bananas. The fruity taste is what you should expect when smoking this weed. Some users mention the taste of lemonade, while others mention pineapple, but both flavors are present in some way. This cannabis clone provides a smooth smoke that isn’t too harsh on your throat or lungs.

The flavor is comparable to a banana milkshake. You will surely feel the creaminess of this strain. The aftertaste is also as pleasant as its flavor. It is sweet and yummy making it a delectable strain to take.


This strain has a mild green appearance with plenty of orange and dark hairs. The color is yellow and orange, telling you what the aromas should be like. This strain clone is covered in crystals that give it that sparkling look. Looking at this strain, it is obvious that it is good looking. In fact, it looks stunning with those olive green nugs. You can also see purple speckles as finishing touches on the pistils.


If you are looking for a strain that will give you smooth smoke, Sour Banana provides. The texture is fine and oily with the occasional bubble in the mix. This clone tastes good enough to eat despite being combustible.

Grow Information

This clone is hardy and will adapt to almost any environment. The Sour Banana strain, however, thrives indoors under the lights of your grow room. It has a shorter flowering stage than some Sativa-dominant strains but can still yield up to 600g/m² after just 7 weeks of harvesting.

The bud of this strain is dense with a sticky texture. You will find yourself needing scissors or a grinder to cut through this strain because it can be very hard on your hands.

By the time October comes around, expect to have your Sour Banana strain ready for harvest. You can get up to 21 ounces of bud from every plant. It is best to stay with using organic soil especially if you are just starting to grow this strain. Others may use hydroponics but only if you are an experienced grower.

When this strain is grown indoors, you can wait for 8 – 9 weeks for the flowers to blossom. This can give you 18 ounces of harvest for every square meter.

THC Content

Sour Banana Sherbet is a powerful strain. Its THC levels are ranging from 18 to 24 percent. With this, you can expect to get a creative and euphoric high. The effect is cerebral with effects that last for more than 4 hours, making it ideal for creative activities.

CBD Content

This strain has a low CBD content, around 1 to 2 percent. The lack of CBD may put off some medical marijuana users but should affect you less when used for recreational purposes. In other words, it will not cause couch-lock and is good for daytime use.

Health Benefits

The high THC content in this strain makes it ideal for treating various health conditions. Whether you are looking to relieve stress, aches, and pains, or other medical issues, Sour Banana can do the trick.

It is not a powerful narcotic so there should be no drowsiness brought on by this weed. In fact, it is good for wakefulness and can provide you with the needed boost to get on with your day.

Sour Banana is not just a favorite among recreational smokers but medical marijuana users as well. It’s safe to say this strain will please both novices and seasoned cannabis users.

Sour Banana strain is strong enough to help with chronic pain relief. The body high helps to alleviate the physical discomforts you’re experiencing. This strain has been said to help with digestive difficulties by some users. It may also cause munchies, which is good news for people who have trouble controlling their food.

Potential Side Effects

If consumed in large doses, this strain may cause dryness of the eyes and mouth. This should not be a problem as it can easily be solved by drinking more water. When taking this strain, you may also experience a green out on rare occasions. Other adverse effects include slight dizziness, headaches, and paranoia. It is not advised for users with heart conditions because Sour Banana has a high THC concentration.

Final Thoughts on the Sour Banana Strain

Sour Banana strain is a good strain for many activities, including physical labor. It can help you with your daily chores and even do things around the house that require more attention. This strain is most suitable for smoking during the day, but it will not be hard to fall asleep when you’re ready.

This strain has a superb look, smell, and flavor. You can always expect a pleasant and uplifting high from this yummy strain. It will also allow you to unwind without making you feel like sleeping all day.

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